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Know about Garageband- Examples of using GarageBand in the world of pop music

With the GarageBand audio sequencer, many users of Mac computers and iOS devices are familiar firsthand. Using all the features of a multifunctional, but very easy to learn application, you can create real music hits. And while an inexperienced user glances sideways at GarageBand, the leading pop artists use Apple's sequencer all over again and again to win the charts.

A bit of history

About the new revolutionary software for the first time heard after GarageBand presentation by Steve Jobs in January 2004 . Within the framework of the Macworld Conferense & Expo , held in San Francisco, the famous musician, composer and singer John Mayer undertook to showcase the possibilities of new software.

A small jam session resulted in a real revolution in the music world. Developed by the authors of Logic Audio  (which explains the similarity of the professional sequencer interface with the amateur Garageband), the software is aimed at beginning musicians and people unfamiliar with music notation but wanting to take the first steps towards recording their own song.

In 7 years, in March 2011, GarageBand will reach the mobile platform iOS. The second revolution began in the world of music software.

GarageBand in the world of pop music


Sound engineers-skeptics often call GarageBand "a frivolous toy," explaining their point of view with the primitivism of the basic capabilities of the sequencer. Well, professionals know better, but "a primitive product, deprived of the necessary functionality" has become an indispensable tool for dozens of modern artists and stars of foreign show business.

Gorillaz - The Fall

The popular English collective Gorillaz to all achievements in the world of technology was treated with due attention. It is for this reason, going to "run-in" the new album Plastic Beach (2010) , the frontman of the Blur team and the founder of Gorillaz Damon Albarn took with them a newly purchased iPad. Mobile version of GarageBand at that time was not yet and the musician had to bypass third-party software. The entire arsenal of music software, which used Albarn, was about 20 applications.

The tour lasted a little over a month, after which the finished demo tracks were exported to the full version of GarageBand, and in December 2010 the album The Fall was released.

The Ultramods - Underwear Party

The cost of a summary and production album, which has chances of getting into the foreign charts, according to a number of popular artists starts at $ 250,000 . Unable to have this amount, two musicians Bunny and Kokko Ultramod decided to create their own album solely with the iPad tablet, a simple microphone and the GarageBand application.

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